Friday, 13 January 2017

Adamawa's Most Downloaded artistes, XSEM releases new track with Ado Daukaka titled "Land of Beauty"

ABM Records CEO and Lead performing artistes cum Architect, XSEM has proven that 2017 is going to be filled with lots of goodies from the record label's stable.

He collaborates with Hausa artistes Ado Daukaka in a new hit song titled "Land of Beauty" the song hails the based state for both artistes which is Adamawa state. this song will keep you nodding and bouncing to the beat for a long time coming.

Download here 


  1. All these adverts are not needed if ur song is good enough to get yola boys dancing... Just kip playing Dem... Drop it at d radio stations ND pay Dem to play it

  2. He is my very good colleague and class mate. yall shld support him pls

  3. Emmanuela Sylvanus13 January 2017 at 23:25

    I will download it now sef.....what's wrong with you haters??? Want to pour sand inside somebody's garri. God bless your hustle mehnnnn!!!!. ELLA ��

  4. People rarely understand what it takes to create good or bad music. It's not just the money u spend to get it done, its d time and journey for d right sorta inspiration. No matter who or what u are, we all deserve a shot in life to succeed. No matter what. And hookuptv is doing just that. God bless u hookup tv blog.

  5. God bless your hustle, nice song from XSEM, his music is getting better with each new song. hardwork pays

  6. best artist in adamawa state


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