Wednesday, 14 March 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Unexploded Bomb Canisters discovered in Adamawa Community

Fear looms over the air of Shafaron community of Numan Local Government where new discoveries have been made in line with the recent attacks by the alleged Fulani herdsmen which occurred on the 4th of December 2017 where over 70 died as a result of air raid by the Nigerian Air Force in December, 2017.

The community Leader said communities are now living in fear as some of the bombs allegedly dropped by the Jet Fighters were found on farmlands and inside houses bombed during the attack. "our people now live in fear because no one knows where they may see any explosives. As you can see, some were found in a house bombed byNigerian Airforce, while others were found in farmlands".

According ot the official press release:
The SNEB pods and rockets with high explosives warheads, like the ones we see today, show that NAF used excessive unlawful force against our villages", the community leader said. He said they have informed the Nigerian Police, the Air Force and DSS about the newly discovered bombs and are hoping that authorities will come and pick the explosives. "We are calling on the Nigerian government to come and conduct a compete sweeping of our villages and get rid of any explosive so our people can live in peace without any fear", Jocthan said.

Members of the press were take round the community and shown 3 areas where the unexploaded shells were found and cordoned.

according to the leaders, the necessary security agencies have been contacted and will son be invited to take necessary measures towards defusing the found shells in order to restore normalcy and calm to the community

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