Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Shia Muslims visit Yola church to celebrate Festive Period with Christians

Members of the Islamic Movement, known as Shia paid visit to LCCN Damilu to extend their goodwill message to the Christian faithfuls during the new year service held yesterday on the1st January, 2018 at the Church.
According to journalist and social media handler Panam Eshton Elias, It was historic because this was the first of it kind since the establishment of the Church. Their message centers on the need for both religion to tolerate one another irrespective of their beliefs and religious inclination.

Responding, the district pastor Rev. Joseph Babangida thanked the group for extending its hand of fellowship to the Church especially at this season. He reiterated the need for peace and cordial relationship to exist between the two major religion. And also prayed that the same gesture will be accorded to the Church to join the shia faithfuls in their gathering anytime soon.

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