Wednesday, 31 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Beauty Queens of Adamawa State

Its no longer news that the Beauty Pageant industry is fast growing and the number of contests is on the increase, apparently three years ago, no one would have ever imagined being a beauty queen in her Local Government talk more of her state. No we have ladies going as far as Abuja, Lagos and Calabar, to contest for coveted beauty queen crowns along side their contemporaries from other parts of the country.
Needless to say that these ladies have gone ahead to beat their chest and engage in daring projects under the auspices of their titles to see how they could contribute their quota to society.
Hookup TV decided to make a compilation in no particular order of all the known queens and some you may not have heard of.

Miss Adamawa: Monica Myawhegi 
The petite sized beauty has had rather adventurous tenure thus far, after completing a year as Queen of the Fombina state, Monica has quite a good record under her crown, She has made well with a few project in collaboration with her management including, organizing a training workshop for IDP on ICT and vocational skills, Attended several nation wide events on health matters and womens' rights, donated items to IDP,s, STreet Sanitation, Youth empowerment workshops, She plans to carry on her own brand name after she hands over this year.

Miss North East Nigeria: Blessing Peter Akor
The soft spoken Regional queen, took off on turbo charge with massive courtesy visits and has made several appearance at various socialite events in the Adamawa State. Achievements included a donation to widows of the Police Barracks Yola, A fore-runner for the release of prison inmates as well as a campaign against drug abuse. she most recently graced the cover of the maiden edition of stare360 magazine.

Miss Tourism: Rita Gambiye
The ADSU graduate who is crowned the tourism queen has become a queen maker in her own right after collabrating with her alma matter (FGGC Yola) to organise the 2016 edition of the Miss FGGC beauty Pageant. She has a keen interest in education thus leading her to organise an essay writing competition in Yola North Public Schools and awarding a full scholarship to the most outstanding student.

Miss Peace: Madi Veno
Little has been heard of the Peace advocate save for the Donation she made to the Yola Children's orphanage on her birthday in 2016

Miss North Central: Gloria Fidelis
The now deposed queen has to be mentioned if not for title then for achievements, during her reign she was able to state a case for a boy who was having severe eye problems and was in dire need of surgery, the word got round and the Executive Governor of Adamawa State made a surprise visit to TV gotel and announced his intention to pay for the surgery of the boy, he also made sure the North Central queen was present on live Television sitting next to him during the declaration.

Miss Tourism (Nigeria Carnival Queen): Faith Benson
Little was known of her probably because she was not crowned in Adamawa state but down at the lovely city of Calabar, but she is of Adamawa origin and is home, her crown is barely two months olde so she has more time to go through a few projects, she has however made a few public appearances including the Face of Studio A coronation

Face of Studio A: Lovelyn Emmanuel
She was just crowned two weeks ago and still needs time to adjust to the industry so we will keep our fingers crossed.

Miss Oneness (SPY): Peace Donkene
The newest queen who is barely a week old emerged at the Adamawa State Polytechnic Beauty contest and emerged victorious. Good luck to her reign.

The point is, some have made life changing projects and others are yet to do so, either way, the task of a beauty queen is not rivalry or photo slaying but a demonstration of compassion towards humanity, which we all pray would help make the society a better place to live.

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