Thursday, 10 November 2016

Gotel Communications Yola sacks over 200 workers + cuts down transmission time from 24 hours to 19 hours a day

Gotel Communications, the umbrella enterprise for Media brands TV Gotel, FM Gotel and AM Gotel Radio has  allegedly sacked over 200 of its employees yesterday due to a new cooperate restructuring going on in the firm. According to a source close to the company.

The sack yesterday crossed across all levels, from management to lower level staff

The sack at Gotel yesterday not only affected contract staff but full staff employees as well.
the cut down in workforce has already affected the transmission time of the station which according to OAP Peter Cheman Koti will commence by 5am and terminate by 12 Midnight.

This comes at a time when s many fresh graduates are in the labour market with no jobs


  1. *Sad* 9ja We need prayers and help, tins only keep gettin bad it a *smh

  2. Hadiza flygirl Usman10 November 2016 at 22:13

    Na wa o.dis work thing is rily goin daggers as no job is wonda pple r self employed.and d un thing is dat dey must ve budgeted dere remaining salary 4d year.May GOD help us in dis country.

  3. Ehhyaaa, oga O°˚˚˚O°˚˚˚°! GOD will provide another job(s) foя̩ them

  4. GOD really help us as even some are married with kids

  5. Haba hookup, where did u hear d information about gotel's sack of 200 staff? Dats absurd.

  6. veryone should start acquiring skill now and become creative that is the only way forward i tell u sincerlly because a whole lot of graduates are out there and no jobs, and even system is not encouraging investors to come in and more so nigeria produces over 1.5 million graduates each year.if you multiply that with somes yrs in advance you will see that the worst is yet to happen,The days of white collar jobs is gradually dieing off.


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